White Dove Release


HeartLight Weddings offers the beautiful white dove release for weddings within 90 miles of Asheville.  The white doves symbolize love, union and peace. The doves arrive in a white basket which is set near the wedding site. After you kiss the love of your life at the end of your ceremony, you gently lift the lid of the basket and the doves fly out, circle around the wedding site approximately four times, then begin their flight back to their home in Asheville.

A white dove release is a unique and symbolic way to make your wedding memorable.

You can arrange to have this loving ritual at the end of your ceremony by calling Rev. Hannah at 828-242-8621

WHITE DOVE RELEASE FEES: all fees are for a two dove release.

For weddings  in Asheville NC: $150

within 20 to 30 miles of Asheville: $175

within 35-50 miles  of Asheville $200

within 55-70 miles of Asheville $250

within 74-90 miles of Asheville $300