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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

An excerpt from  THE WEDDING JOURNEY, by Rev. Hannah Desmond

Tips for Writing Your Personal Wedding Vows

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started. No one can tell you exactly how to write your vows. They must come from your heart. I have included suggestions for preparing yourself to create the vows and words and phrases to help you begin the process.

Tip 1: Before you begin to write your vows, go within and allow your emotions to guide you. The feelings that arise, the statements that ring true within your heart are the essence of the vows you want to make.

Tip 2: Your vows do not have to be long, witty or poetic. You may want to include information about the first moment you saw her or him, celebrate the love that has grown between you and state your intention as a husband or wife.

Tip 3: It is okay to write your vows together and share them with one another as you plan your wedding ceremony or write them separately and read them to one another for the first time during your ceremony.

Tip 4: Words such as loving trust, appreciation, respect, cherish, support and encouragement may be used to express your feelings and the promises you wish to make.  The idea of sharing dreams and building a life together, offering strength and comfort, respect and laughter are wonderful sentiments to include.

Tip 5: Promises to grow with one another in mind and spirit, to be open, honest and faithful are often included.

Tip 6: The vows can end with a statement such as “I am overjoyed to be marrying you and thank you for becoming my wife/husband.” “I give you my hand, my heart and my love forever.”

Tip 7: The most important ingredient in your personal vows is your authentic voice.  Speak to one another as if you were alone, for indeed, in that moment time stands still and you are in sacred space where no other can distract you or judge your words.


  1. Hey I love these photos. I was Amanda’s hsaritylist and I was wondering if you had close ups of the hair? If so, would you be willing to let me use some for my album? I have already talked to Amanda and she was happy to let me. I just wasn’t sure if you want the credits on your photography. I try to be on the safe side. Thank u! Jenny allen

    1. Please give me the full name of the bride, the wedding date and location as I am not sure which photos you are talking about. I will be happy to share any photos I have that you can use. I do ask that you list HeartLight Weddings. We are not photographers but wedding celebrants. Let me know who exactly she is and we will go from there.

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