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Outdoor Weddings

From Rev. Hannah Desmond

The summer months are filled with weddings. I have been traveling around the western NC area quite a lot.  My husband, Rev Tom Johanson also performs ceremonies so I am sometimes traveling alone as he will have a wedding to perform in the opposite direction.

My book is finished and up for sale on this website.  I finally have time to catch up with filing, advertising and other business related efforts. I like to keep a file of each wedding I perform with a copy of the marriage license,  the ceremony, the check and a photo of the bride and groom.  I have quite a bit of work to do to catch up on these files.

Come Rain or Come Shine!

Summer time has been outdoor wedding time and I have performed a lot of ceremonies. The biggest problem with summer weddings has not been the chance of rain but the HEAT. If you are planning an outdoor summer wedding it is a good idea to have the ceremony in the late afternoon or early evening.  A hand fan on each chair provides guests with some relief.  Please do not seat your guests in the sun. I have been to several weddings where there is a pavilion or large gazebo and for some reason, the guests are seated outside of the shaded area and out in the hot sun. I look out at a sea of sweaty faces hoping for a short ceremony.  For the outdoor reception provide large fans that keep the air moving.  Most outdoor weddings I have attended have  buckets filled with ice and bottled water, an excellent idea to keep your guests hydrated.

Outdoor Weddings Create Some of the Most Beautiful Wedding Atmospheres

Summer weddings are beautiful, the brides wear filmy gowns and the grooms are often in white linen suits, flowers are bountiful as are bees and, lately, I have seen hummingbirds fluttering around the flowers at the weddings.   Scheduling a late afternoon outdoor wedding,Taking time to provide hand fans, large electric fans, cold water and seating in the shade makes for a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor summer wedding.