Reaffirming Your Love with Wedding Vow Renewals

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Reaffirming Your Love with Wedding Vow Renewals

Reaffirming Your Love with Wedding Vow Renewals

  • 31, Jul 2017
  • By: HeartLight Wedding Officiants
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Staying together is worth celebrating! Whether you’ve been married for two weeks or twenty years, wedding vow renewal is a wonderful way to celebrate your marriage and reaffirm your commitment to one another.

Why Should We Renew Vows Our Vows?

Vow renewal ceremonies are personal. There’s no right or wrong reason to renew. At their core, most renewal ceremonies are about formally honoring your relationship, recognizing what you’ve celebrated and endured together so far, appreciating how far you’ve come and sharing excitement over what the future may hold. It’s also a great way to make up for missed opportunities. Renewal ceremonies are popular with couples that eloped, had a ‘wedding disaster’ tarnish their official wedding, felt too overwhelmed to enjoy their first ceremony or want to throw a bigger party than they could before.

When Should We Renew?

Whenever you’d like! Milestone anniversaries, like 10 or 25 years, are a popular time to renew vows. Other couples are moved to renew following a momentous occasion they’ve shared together or a difficult time they’re seeing each other through. Others still simply feel the time is right, but there are a few couples that like to renew every year.

Do I Need Any Special License or Officiant?

Vow renewals are purely ceremonial. You don’t need a marriage license, and you don’t need a legally recognized officiant. Friends or family members can perform parts or all of your ceremony. Couples that choose to have an officiant perform their renewal enjoy the air of formality, professional tone and experienced ceremony crafting an officiant brings to the occasion.

What Are Vow Renewal Events Like?

Your renewal celebration can be whatever you want it to be. In most cases, the ceremony is less formal and is followed by a big celebration with family and friends. The couple typically hosts the event themselves and incorporates elements from both their original wedding and life together into the event. You could even exchange new rings. If a big event isn’t for you, a private ceremony with just you and your spouse can be intimate and meaningful.

What About the Ceremony and Vows?

Vow renewal ceremonies are typically shorter than a traditional wedding. Rather than having attendants, your friends, family members or children could perform part of the ceremony to emphasize their role in your shared life. Most couples choose to write new vows. They can reflect elements of your original vows while showing how your relationship has grown and changed.

Vow renewal ceremonies have been gaining popularity. Whether to you want to give your relationship some ceremonial affirmation or want the expensive party you couldn’t afford when you first got married, vow renewal is fun and loving way to honor your life together.