THE WEDDING JOURNEY, A Guide to Your Ceremony, Personal Vows and Joyful Marriage

A must have guide for every couple planning a wedding and a lasting, fulfilling marriage.
A must have guide for every couple planning a wedding and a lasting, fulfilling marriage.

Excerpt from the book

Part 1, The Components of the Ceremony

Page 3

Your wedding is the foundation of your marriage. The most important component of the ceremony is the exchange of your marriage vows. The second most important part is the decree of marriage by the celebrant, making the sacred union legal.  The rest of the ceremony provides an opportunity for the creative expression of your love for one another, the statement of your intentions for your life together, gratitude to family and friends, spiritual blessings, poetry, music and cultural traditions.


Part 1, excerpts from page 12-13

…As the bride and groom begin to create their ceremony, the questions are:  “What have you always dreamed your wedding ceremony would be like? What components do you want to include? Do you have a certain song, poem or cultural tradition you want to include? What words or sentiments have you dreamed of expressing to your beloved?” Incorporating your authentic selves and expressing your love in your own words, creates a ceremony that is powerful, deeply meaningful and memorable….

Traditional weddings are beautiful, but which traditions have meaning to you?  Create your wedding filled with the people, words, songs and rituals that are meaningful to you. Each couple is unique and your ceremony should reflect your personalities and beliefs…

No matter what your budget, no matter where you are having your wedding, the key ingredient is loving relaxation.  As the Beatles said, “Let it be.” Enjoy the event as it unfolds and embrace the day, savoring every minute.  The minutes add up to memories you will enjoy and share with your children and grandchildren….