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LGBT-Friendly Wedding Officiants in Asheville

LGBT-Friendly Wedding Officiants in Asheville

  • 25, May 2017
  • By: HeartLight Wedding Officiants
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From elegant-traditional to quirky-informal, every wedding is a unique reflection of the couple it binds together. It’s easy to get caught up picking colors, cakes and clothes, but at the heart of your wedding is the ceremony. As LGBT-friendly wedding officiants, it’s our job to craft a ceremony that celebrates you and your partner in a way that’s meaningful to you.

What Is an Interfaith Minister?

HeartLight’s Asheville wedding officiants are compassionate interfaith ministers. Interfaith ministry is best described as “spiritually inclusive.” Rather than affiliating with a single faith, interfaith ministry respects all religions and focuses on the common bonds between people. We study a wide variety of faiths, rituals and customs to help us create sincere, respectful ceremonies no matter what your beliefs may be. Interfaith ministers can provide spiritual, secular, multi-faith, non-denominational or non-religious ceremonies.

Crafting Your Ceremony

As your wedding officiant, it’s our job to help you build a personalized ceremony that affirms and celebrates your life together. For many couples, it’s important to incorporate creative touches, short readings, rituals or other unique aspects that will hold a special place in your memories. Consider factors like whether you’d prefer brevity or fluidity. You might want a blend of humor or a sense of serenity. As experienced officiants, we can offer as much or as little guidance as you’d like.

Setting the Tone

One of our most important jobs is setting the tone of your ceremony. It forms the backbone of your wedding and is the springboard on which you will start your life together. Every officiant has something different to bring to the table, and finding the right match is an important part of wedding planning. Our team of Asheville wedding officiants represents a range of personalities, backgrounds and voices. Rev. Hannah is known for her soothing presence and Rev. Tom is relaxed yet dignified.

LGBT-Friendly Services

For LGBT couples in North Carolina, finding an experienced wedding officiant that’s inclusive and supportive can be a challenge. Interfaith ministers like those at HeartLight Weddings are state-recognized wedding officiants. Your marriage will be official and legally binding. We understand state marriage license laws and will guide you through the process. HeartLight Weddings has been performing many types of inclusive ceremonies for over ten years and is proud to serve the LGBT community. If you’re struggling to find other services for your wedding, like a welcoming location, we may be able to offer recommendations as well.

Can We Really Get Married in North Carolina?

Yes, you can! LGBT weddings have been legal in North Carolina since 2014, and all of the state legislator’s attempts to change it have failed. Whether North Carolina is your home state, your dream venue or simply convenient for your families, you and your partner are welcome to take your vows here in Asheville.

HeartLight Weddings is proud to perform same-sex weddings, elopements, handfastings, and commitment ceremonies throughout the Asheville area and beyond. For more information, feel free to contact us today.