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Asheville Elopement Wedding: Your Big Day Made Manageable

Asheville Elopement Wedding: Your Big Day Made Manageable

Elopement Wedding

Is your dream wedding quiet, cozy and off the beaten path? A wedding doesn’t have to be a royal ball to be perfect. Elopement weddings are more popular today than ever before. These low-stress, low-cost ceremonies are an intimate way to start your life together.  HeartLight Wedding’s team of Asheville wedding officiants can give you the personal ceremony you and your partner want.

Your Own Wedding Schedule

North Carolina has no waiting period between when you get your marriage license and when you can get married. If you don’t want to plan a year in advance and count RSVP cards, you don’t have to. You can bring together a timely but lovely event with savvy planning. Ask HeartLight Wedding officiant, Rev. Hannah Desmond for information on free venues, beautiful natural locations and any extras you want.

If you don’t want to miss out on your reception, elopement isn’t out of the question. Get married on your schedule and plan a casual celebration afterward. You get to have your cake and eat it too without the pressure of the “big day” making decisions difficult.

Make Your Own Wedding Ceremony

One of the most overwhelming aspects of a classic wedding is juggling social expectations. With an elopement wedding, the only person you have you please is yourself. If you want to wear lime green, no one will mind. If you choose not to exchange rings, no one will ask why.

HeartLight’s team of Asheville wedding officiants is more than happy to craft a ceremony as traditional or one-of-a-kind as you’d like. Whether you want to mix in parts of one another’s religion, incorporate a personal ritual or exchange swift but meaningful vows, we’ll help you express what’s unique to your relationship.

Unique Wedding Venues

Cutting the long guest list opens whole new worlds of location opportunities. Instead of renting pricey entertainment halls, you can find family-owned venues like farms, wineries, gardens, waterfalls and historic buildings that will rent out a small space for a reasonable price. Add a winery tour, go for a hike or go to one of Asheville’s “adventure parks” to celebrate your own way.

An elopement wedding also gives you the opportunity to find free venues. Parks, wildlife sanctuaries, the city square and even your own backyard are beautiful and free. Not sure where to start looking? In over 20 years of performing ceremonies, we’ve found a few free wedding venues in Asheville that we highly recommend.

Does It Have To Be Just Us?

Not at all! An elopement can be a small ceremony with just your most important friends and family by your side. With a miniature ceremony, you can ask Rev. Hannah or Rev. Tom to incorporate people into the proceedings. Even if it’s as simple as giving their toasts during the ceremony, it can emphasize the part friends and family play supporting a healthy relationship.

Elopement ceremonies are just as momentous as any extravagant wedding. As Asheville wedding officiants, Rev. Tom and Rev. Hannah are always honored to be involved in such intimate celebrations. If you’re ready to take the leap, contact us and schedule your wedding today.