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SPECIAL PRICES FOR ELOPEMENTS, ONE TO FIVE DAYS IN ADVANCE When a romantic weekend turns into a marriage proposal, HeartLight Wedding officiants provide a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. There are discounted fees for  short notice weddings and wedding planned a few days in advance.  The fee includes witnesses, if needed, the ceremony and filing of the license. We provide elopement ceremonies in Asheville NC and New Orleans, LA We are ready to perform your ceremony! 828-242-8621

Excerpts from Hannah’s book, THE WEDDING JOURNEY

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Excerpt from THE WEDDING JOURNEY, A Guide to Your Ceremony, Personal Vows and Joyful Marriage Part 1, The Components of the Ceremony Page 3 Your wedding is the foundation of your marriage. The most important component of the ceremony is the exchange of your marriage vows. The second most important part is the decree of marriage by the celebrant, making the sacred union legal.  The rest of the ceremony provides an opportunity for the creative expression of your love for one another, the statement of your intentions for your life together, gratitude to family and friends, spiritual blessings, poetry, music