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The Wedding Journey

A Guide to Your Ceremony, Personal Vows and Joyful Marriage

Rev. Hannah offers  authentic, modern, wedding ceremonies for 21st Century couples, while honoring beloved wedding traditions. A selection of  unity ceremonies are included to add deeper meaning and symbolize your bond of love and the joining of two families.

You will find Ideas and advice on unique wedding elements. In the chapter, Your Wedding in the Stars, you can find your astrological colors and flowers to incorporate into your wedding celebration. There are also unique elements such as using a braided cord to tie the hands of the bride and groom together in  a Celtic hand fasting ritual adding a memorable touch to your ceremony.

After twenty years of performing weddings, Rev. Hannah offers common sense advice to help you avoid wedding pitfalls.

Rev. Hannah, a Gestalt therapist for over twenty years, includes effective techniques for harnessing the power of your thoughts, words and emotions to alleviate stress as you plan your wedding and allow greater communication and a deeper bond in your marriage.

The information and assistance offered throughout THE WEDDING JOURNEY provides the emotional support and understanding necessary to create a deeply meaningful ceremony, powerful and enduring vows, an awakened heart and the flow of great love, prosperity, serenity and joy into your marriage.

Excerpt from THE WEDDING JOURNEY, A Guide to Your Ceremony, Personal Vows and Joyful Marriage

Part 1, The Components of the Ceremony Page 3

Your wedding is the foundation of your marriage. The most important component of the ceremony is the exchange of your marriage vows. The second most important part is the decree of marriage by the celebrant, making the sacred union legal.  The rest of the ceremony provides an opportunity for the creative expression of your love for one another, the statement of your intentions for your life together, gratitude to family and friends, spiritual blessings, poetry, music and cultural traditions.

YOUR WEDDING DAY, YOUR WAY Part 1, excerpts from page 12-13

…As the bride and groom begin to create their ceremony, the questions are:  “What have you always dreamed your wedding ceremony would be like? What components do you want to include? Do you have a certain song, poem or cultural tradition you want to include? What words or sentiments have you dreamed of expressing to your beloved?” Incorporating your authentic selves and expressing your love in your own words, creates a ceremony that is powerful, deeply meaningful and memorable….

Traditional weddings are beautiful, but which traditions have meaning to you?  Create your wedding filled with the people, words, songs and rituals that are meaningful to you. Each couple is unique and your ceremony should reflect your personalities and beliefs…

No matter what your budget, no matter where you are having your wedding, the key ingredient is loving relaxation.  As the Beatles said, “Let it be.” Enjoy the event as it unfolds and embrace the day, savoring every minute.  The minutes add up to memories you will enjoy and share with your children and grandchildren….

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Relaxation CD for Bride & Groom plus The Wedding Journey COMBO

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Relaxation CD for the Bride & Groom

This CD was created to assist the bride as she plans her wedding. Anxiety and stress can arise during the planning of the wedding and this CD brings the bride into a state of calm relaxation. There are suggestions for releasing tension on her wedding day and ways to cope with the stressers which may arise in marriage.

There is a second tract on this CD which is a beautiful guided relaxation for the bride and groom to enjoy throughout their life. Deep relaxation is followed by a journey through the energy of the body, soothing and releasing energy blocks. The CD ends as the energy fields of husband and wife blend, strengthening their loving connection. $7.50 free shipping.

Price: $7.50

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Meditation for the Bride and Groom Download

Meditation for the Bride and Groom allows you and your beloved to enter into a deep peace. As you are guided through the clearing of your energy, you experience an opening of the heart, bringing you to a profound deepening of your awareness and acceptance of the true essence of one another. The benefits of this meditation increases with each use throughout your married life.

Price: $1.50

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In the Flow of Well Being Relaxation CD

The perfect gift, In The Flow of Well Being. This timeless meditation is a favorite of my clients. Those who have purchased it through the years tell me it is part of their daily spiritual practice. This guided meditation gently leads you into a state of deep relaxation, guides you to a sanctuary of peace and healing and gives suggestions leading to joy, self acceptance, release of negative thought patterns and the opening of the spirit to all good things flowing into your life. I designed this meditation to be gentle yet powerful. It is wonderful to listen to as you drift off to sleep as it allows you to gently transition from a meditative state into the dream state. The CD is available in the store on my website at

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Price: $10.00

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In the Flow of Well Being – A Relaxation Digital Download

This guided relaxation brings you into a state of deep peace and leads you on a journey to a sanctuary where flowing water soothes your spirit. Messages to increase self awareness, self esteem and gratitude are part of this beautiful journey. The flow of well being is an excellent guided relaxation to listen to as you drift off to sleep as there is no harsh awakening at the end. You drift off on a cloud of gratitude and love.

Price: $3.00

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