Our Services and Fees

General Pricing Guidelines for Wedding Services

New Orleans WeddingStep 1: Contact the HeartLight minister of your choice and discuss your wedding ceremony and fees.

HeartLight Wedding Officiants enjoy meeting couples in person and getting to know them before the wedding. However, we perform many destination weddings and meetings in person are not always possible. Meetings by Skype and conference phone calls are available for brides and grooms who are planning their weddings from a distance.

When you reserve your wedding date, via deposit, you will receive a selection of beautiful Heart Light Weddings and a selection of wedding poems and readings. Our ceremonies include spiritual, interfaith, non-denominational, traditional, romantic, secular, theme weddings, alternative, hand-fasting, and LGBT.

You may choose to use one of our Heartlight Ceremonies as is, or you may use the ceremonies as templates to create your unique ceremony.  Couples are not limited to Heartlight Ceremonies but may use any ceremony from any other source.  Your officiant is available to assist you and answer any questions as you go through the process of creating your wedding ceremony.

Explanation of Fees

DEPOSIT: All wedding fees include a deposit of $100 to save your wedding date on our calendar. The remainder of the fee for your ceremony is due at your rehearsal or on the day of your wedding.

ELOPEMENTS:  Same day elopements $150.


SPECIAL OFFER: We offer a $50 discount to couples securing their Asheville area wedding date 6months or more in advance.

Wedding fees start at $300 for the Asheville area and include the deposit of $100 paid in advance. The remainder of the fee, $200 is due on your wedding day.

Wedding forty-five minutes drive from Asheville $325, includes the $100 deposit.

Wedding fifty to sixty minutes drive from Asheville $350, includes the $100

Weddings further than one hour from Asheville require overnight accommodations for the officiant.

Wedding Rehearsal Fees:

Rehearsal fees are not included in the wedding fee. Not all couple have a rehearsal. Therefore we have listed the rehearsal fees separately.

1-hour rehearsal in Asheville, $75

1-hour rehearsal 45 minutes drive from Asheville $100.

1-hour rehearsal 50 to 60 minutes drive from Asheville $125

Payment for Your Wedding

You may pay your wedding fee on the day of your ceremony, or you may pay the entire fee at any time via the Pay now Paypal button below.

Step 2: Pay your $100 deposit.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure the date of your wedding. The deposit is applied to the fee for the ceremony.  You can make your deposit on this site using the PayNow button to access Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make a payment through Paypal. You will see the word donation when you press the Pay Now button. This is where you make your deposit.  You may also pay your deposit by check by mailing it to HeartLight Weddings, 206A Jones Rd, Leicester, NC 28748.

Step 3: IMPORTANT- Send an email to HeartLight with your wedding information.

Immediately after paying your deposit by Paypal, please send an email to heartLightweddings@yahoo.com with the full name of the groom, bride and the exact date, time and location of the ceremony. Please include the phone number of the bride and groom. We need this information to create your contract.

Step 4: Sign and return your HeartLight contract.

Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive a contract from Heartlight Weddings via email. Read the contract, type in your name at the bottom and return it via email to heartlightweddings@yahoo.com The contract may also be mailed to Heartlight Weddings 206A Jones Rd, Leicester, NC 28748

Step 5: Receive printable copies of wedding ceremonies.  

Before booking your wedding, we will discuss the type of ceremony you would like. A selection of ceremonies will be emailed to you once you have secured your wedding date, via deposit with Heartlight Weddings.

Book your wedding well in advance of your date to assure you have the HeartLight Officiant of your choice. We are available to speak with you and secure the date for your ceremony! 828-242-8621

Travel Fees – Destination Weddings

Destination WeddingsRev. Tom and Rev. Hannah serve the Asheville/Western NC  area and are also available for more destination weddings. They offer their services throughout the United States and are happy to travel to remote venues and natural locations, as well.  Travel fees vary depending on distance and accommodations.

All Confidentiality agreements are fully respected.

How We Work

HeartLight officiants are available to offer support, answer questions and assist you in the creation of your ceremony and vows throughout the weeks and months leading up to your wedding.

On the day of your wedding, your officiant will arrive approximately 1/2 hour before the service. Any last minute questions or changes to the ceremony can be made at this time.

Each HeartLight Officiant brings a calm, professional and joyful energy to your ceremony. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day. We guarantee we will do everything we can to make sure your ceremony is beautiful, meaningful and memorable.

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